Wizlink® is a desktop automation software, which runs on PC workstation. The major functionality is substitution of manual work with automated data and application handling.

Wizlink® focuses on delivering maximum efficiency from existing business applications, without any need to change them. Value is delivered through linking legacy applications together without even a look into databases or source codes. No programmers are needed. Wizlink® is a powerful business tool:

    • Highly flexible – scenarios can be customized to individual needs;
    • Highly efficient – everywhere where employees interact massively with multiple IT systems;
    • Quick implementation and short training time;
    • Handles both fat and thin client applications;
    • Multi-use scenarios increasing work efficiency;
    • Point-and-click scenario editor;
    • Legacy applications remain unchanged – changes implemented with no vendor support.


This help documentation is designed so you can quickly learn Wizlink® as a new user and create your own scenarios.